Project 01 - Empowerment of women with disabilities in the post conflict areas in Sri Lanka to advocate, access and enjoy their rights

Project Activities Results Project Area Duration No of Beneficiaries
Inclusion of Women with Disabilities in to Development through organizing them Organising Women with Disabilities into: Small groups Village committees Provincial organisations Developed the confidence of WWDs to be able to obtain their rights by coming together in mutually beneficial relationships Anuradhapura
1998 to date 2907
Ensuring the rights of women with Disabilities in internally Displaced Persons welfare camps Counselling of conflict affected and displaced WWD’s in IDP camps Empowerment of PWDs and WWDs in IDP Camps Developed a positive attitude within them
Created awareness about rights of the disabled, the National Charter and the Disability act Developed leadership and personality
Puttalam (Kalpitiya, Rambawa, Padaviya, Welioya, Palagala) 2003 – 2004 302
Repied II Income generation through: Livelihood development
Micro finance
Technical training
Economic empowerment of PWDs Developed financial management and savings among them Anuradhapura Puttalam 2000 – 2005 708
Inclusion of Women with Disabilities in to Development through organizing them Repied II Economical Development and counselling for the People with Disabilities live in internally displaced welfare camps Counselling and awareness creation of personnel working in NGOs about the rights of the disabled Sensitised personnel of NGOs about the rights and needs of WWDs
Created a network of stakeholders to work together
2000 – 2009 90
Economical Development of Women with Disabilities through cultivating indigenous Herbal Plants Protecting and growing indigenous trees through growing herbal medicinal plants Grew 1 acre of medicinal pants in Thalawa
Providing vocational training
Training 350 WWDs on use of medicinal plants Created conducive environment for indigenous animals
Anuradhapura 2001 – 2002 350
Economical Development and counselling for the People with Disabilities live in internally displaced welfare camps Provision of roofing sheets, sanitary and disability aids to WWDs and PWDs Created a healthy environment for WWDs
Prevention of diseases
Building of 22 toilets with special facilities
Providing crutches, wheel chairs and spectacles
Anuradhapura 2003- 2005 69
Contributing to the National Development process by Empowerment of Women with Disabilities Social and economic support to PWDs affected by the tsunami Supported with counselling, rehabilitation services, disability aides and income generation support
Conducted a survey on PWDs affected by the tsunami in the north and east Capacity building for young women with disabilities and created a conducive environment for them
Hambanthota District
Northern Province
Eastern Provinc
2005 20
Skill Development of girls with intellectual disabilities by rehabilitation Running a skill development centre for girls and young women with mental disabilities Socialised young women and girls by developing their livelihood skills and creating a conducive environment for them Anuradhapura 2005 – 2007 25
Creating spaces for women with disabilities to communicate and advocate for their rights Linking 5 WWDs with an international Training of Trainers program 2007-2009 5
Conducting a survey of WWDs in 7 districts of Sri Lanka Published a survey report on the status of WWDs in SL
Creating awareness about the rights of and social attitudes towards among religious leaders Created sensitivity in society about the need for positive attitudes towards WWDs
Conducting a round table discussion at National level on the problems faced by WWDs with Ministers, NGO reps, Diplomats, Artists and Political leaders
Improving the mental Health status of communities affected by war Developing the mental health of those affected by war Sensitised the community about the mental health of persons with mental disabilities
Supported over 90 volunteer workers through training
Linked 183 mental health patients with relevant treatment
Rehabilitated mental health clinics in the area
Developed livelihoods of those with mental disabilities
Created a network of service providers and improved access to and use of services
Created awareness among the general public about mental health issues
Trained 70 volunteer workers at village level
Conducted mental health clinics at welfare centres
Collected data, conducted surveys and analysis on mental health and disseminated at national level
Provided mental health services to over 150 mental health patients in welfare clinics
Created a network of stakeholders including Kalpitiya DS Office, hospital, defence unit, education sector and religious leaders with a view to sustainability
Anuaradhapura Puttalam 2007 – 2009 333
Empowerment of Women with Disabilities in the post conflict areas in Sri Lanka to advocate, access and enjoy their rights. - Conducting baseline studies in 5 District
- Training need assessment with CSOs including NGOs & CBOs
- Formation of WWD Groups
- Leader ship training for WWD groups
- Psychosocial and trauma counselling sessions for the WWD and their family members
- Training for WWD on income generation opportunities and financial management
- Sensitisation meeting for developing linkage with different service departments like Health, Education, Labour………
- Advocacy activities
- Income Generation Programmes
- Documentation of 25 case studies
- Developing linkage with existing networks
- Distribution of Assistive devices
- Organise exchange visits of WWDs
- Capacity development of CSOs on communicating for advocacy for WWD in conflict hit environment
- Capacity development of Service Providers
- Development of Training module
- Sanitation meeting for developing linkage with different service departments and development of WWD friendly service protocol
2010 - 2012 1747
Improving sanitation facilities for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in post conflict areas of Sri Lanka - Awareness programme on sanitation of Persons with Disabilities
- Developing existing toilets
- Distribution of Commode chairs
2011 - 2012 210
Vocational Training for WWDs Vocational Training for WWDs Provided vocational training for WWDs and ensured their access to their rights
Socialised WWDs through provision of VT
Ensured recognitions for them in the family
Created opportunities for income generation
Anuradhapura District
Island wide
1998 to 330

Donors List

Care International
Global fund for Women
European Union
Australian High Commission
Health Link
Handicap International
Basic Need
Lions Club – Anuradhapura Capital city
Ministry of Social Services – Sri Lanka
Ministry of Environment – Sri Lanka
Rotary Club
Friend in Need
Jayaseeli Trust Fund – Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Canada Development Fund
North Central PC
Vocational Training Authority
Project Trust